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"Hot Rodding begins as a hobby, soon becomes an obsession and turns into a growing successful business........"


Rod Bods was established in August of 1998, by Ian Davis.


Ian Davis, commonly known as “Elvis”, has over 35 years of experience in the industry of manufacturing fibreglass bodies, fibreglass panels, chassis construction, assembling and professionally building street rods in Australia.


The sport and industry of hot rodding has become an integral part of Ian’s life in “keeping the lifestyle alive”.


He has conducted Seminars in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania to pass on his knowledge and experience covering such topics as technical advice on designing your build, registration regulations and safety requirements to name a few.


Earlier in 2012, the NSW Transport Minister, The Hon, Duncan Gay formed a Vehicle Standards Working Group (VSWG) for NSW Transport Roads & Maritime Service to revise, develop and improve Vehicle Standards in NSW. The Australian Street Rod Federation (ASRF) nominated and elected Ian to represent the ASRF through the Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs (ACMC) for the position on the Vehicle Standards Working Group (VSWG) due to his extensive knowledge of Vehicle Standards, Vehicle Registration Regulations, Australian Design Rules (ADR’s) and experience in the Motor Vehicle Industry.


Ian is the Senior Liaison Officer for Full Registration in the NSW Street Rod Committee which represents the Australian Street Rod Federation’s (ASRF) communications and negotiations with the NSW RMS regarding the implementation for the National Guidelines for Street Rod in NSW VSB14 and Registration matters.


Ian is regularly dealing with customers, vehicle builders and Licensed Certifiers/ Engineers in regards to registration requirements for each State Registration Laws on Concessional Registration, Unrestricted Registration, National Guidelines for Street Rods, VSB14, Australia Design Rules (ADR’s) and Vehicle Standards.


Ian is a Member of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME) and a Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia (SAE).


To add to his personal portfolio he is now a Licensed Certifier (Engineer) for the Vehicle Safety Compliance Certificate Scheme (VSCCS) NSW. Certifying Modified Vehicles, Passenger Vehicles, Light Commercials, Motorcycles, Personal Imports (Motor Vehicle and Motorcycles) Individually Constructed Vehicles (Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles).


Ian’s other qualifications include Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Mechanical (Light Vehicle), Welding (various), Reinforced Plastics (laminating), Engineering Design Concepts, Automotive Vehicle Body Building and 3D Modeling.


Ian has designed, constructed and modified various original Bodies to create the fibreglass body moulds (and panels to suit) currently in production by Rod Bods Downunder of which there are in excess of 10 different styles.


In recent years Ian has applied his craftsmanship to create new Body Styles exclusive to Rod Bods Downunder, those being “The Bonneville”, “New 34 Special” and the latest “Bonneville Series II”, all of which are Limited Editions.


More recently Ian developed the “New Mean Lean 32 3 Window Coupe” which is now in production and forms part of the Rod Bods Downunder current Body Style Portfolio.


To ensure the maximum standard of quality and professionalism is consistently maintained throughout Rod Bod Downunder all hand laminating of reproduction bodies and panels, steel reinforcing, construction of  traditional replica chassis’ and original chassis’, through to complete assembly is carried out under the one premises.


Rod Bods Downunder take pride in producing one of the finest finished and reasonably priced reproduction fibreglass body, body/chassis packages, supplying Australia-Wide.


Furthermore, Rod Bods Downunder perform modifications to pre and post 49 vehicles and motorcycles.


Modifications consist of left to right hand drive conversions, design and construct of one-off fiberglass moulds for limited editions, reinforcing all fiberglass bodies with steel to equal the registration requirement, all fiberglass bodies have anti-intrusion in doors, burst proof locks, body modifications such as roof chops,  convertible conversions, wheel tubs, body kits, body sectioning; engine changes; brake upgrades; modifying original chassis, suspension changes, suspension upgrades, strengthening original chassis, construction of new reproduction chassis; installation of seatbelts, seat mounts, steering columns etc.


All modifications are carried out to meet the registration regulations and safety requirements in which the vehicle will be registered to.



Rod Bods Downunder

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